Intuitives and Psychics in Calgary

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These workshops classes are perfect for those who yes, want to learn about angels, but who also, for those who dream of having a career as an inuitive, healer, reader or medium.  They are suitable beginners or intermediate aspirants. 

By taking Angel Basics level 1 and becomming certified you begin your journey to becoming a certified medium, intuitive, healer or reader. Here at the base you will be prepared for the other levels of your designation.

Angel Heart Practitioners fall into 4 categories of certification: Angel Heart Medium, Angel Heart Reader, Angel Heart Intuitive, and Angel Heart Card Reader  A Master is one who as been certified in all four and thereby can be certified as experience-based educator.

Please take a look at the list carefuly to deterimine which path you would like to follow for your para-professional training. Click on the image for more information.