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Write Morning Pages

Life Purpose alignment can be accelerated or enhanced by doing 3 pages of free writing every morning followed by 30 minutes of meditation.  If the meditation sounds too overwhelming, just begin by committing to 40 days of morning pages as a commitment to 40 days of soul communication.  What are the morning pages?

I first came across the idea of the morning pages in a phenomenal book by Julia Cameron.²  In it, she expounded upon the value of spending every morning at three-pages of longhand writing, while maintaining strict stream-of-consciousness.  The idea at first seemed so “out-there”, so imposed and methodical that at first, I thought the whole concept was too left-brained for me to grasp.  

But as she began to layout the intention of this process, I began to realize it might be more beneficial than I thought.  The challenge intrigued me, and the final results blew me out of the water. I would like to broaden the challenge Ms. Cameron created in 1992 and expand on the tool which can help you integrate the master’s way.

You can use the morning pages to activate your root chakra and begin to apply the Principle of Dharma by writing to assess how you feel about things.  For example, if you do not enjoy your current job; write about this in the morning pages as a way to discover what your Soul truly feels. You’d be surprised what you can hide, even from yourself.  

Reduce the layers of thought and expose the “mind chatter” of your ego.  Investigate the Cause and Effect relationship between the reasons why you tell yourself you still have to pursue this unaligned job and the addictive incentives it yields.  What conditions do you put on yourself to make yourself do things which don’t match your integrity? Write about the limiting belief layers, reveal the inadequacies for the lies that they are.  Reduce them until you discover the “root causes” and identify the bone structure of your beasts.  

The point of the writing morning pages is to unearth your Soul from the fearful conditional modes of thought and move beyond them.  Psychologically, you are still and settled first thing in the morning; therefore, it will be easier for you to be cognizant of all the little “nuances” happening in your psyche.  Through writing, you are able to work through the layer of “lies”, “inadequacies” or “conditions” you have unconsciously told yourself. These unconscious conditions repeat themselves blocking the instructions of the divine voice of your Angels. 

The morning pages are a safe place for you to move beyond your fear and observe the purity of your Soul.  The morning pages are a safe and secure place for your mind to dump the outmoded, conditional, or fearful thought-form to make room in your psyche for your higher self to be heard.  This excavation is an essential healing component of the root chakra health.  

The process of writing about what is happening first thing in the morning will help you to sort out what are your patterns.  In a way, you are practicing the ancient form of “calcination”, which means to “burn away to the bone”, or to get to the root cause of your misalignment to the purpose.  This process is implied in the formula of the Emerald Tablet as in the first cited line, “Its father is the Sun”, meaning to rise with the Sun and clear.  

Important to know here is, as soon as you ask Archangel Ariel to join your morning pages process, she will immediately appear by your side.  The voice of Angels chimes in with ideas, insights, and behind the scenes captions. There are times, let me assure you, where it will feel as though the voice of Angels is on your side favorably.

Incorporating Archangel Ariel makes the morning pages a spiritually meditative process which is especially helpful when practiced for a minimum of 40 days.  Within those 40 days, you build a sacred foundation of soulful accessibility and this is sufficient time for you to form journaling as a habit. Imperative to know here is it takes 40 days for your conscious mind to acquire new subjective material.

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