The Experience of Dancing through Pain to Gain


I realized something…that ​I should not try to make my feelings go away. That ​I should instead learn to dance with them.

A long time ago, I used to shut my feelings down. In fact, I realized I was addicted to shutting down and withdrawal. That was my coping mechanism.

It also kept me safe, or so I thought.

But now with my current awareness, I can see that I am safer in being vulnerable with how I feel, and in my presentation of such; in my expression with those around me.

And so it is with this awareness that I share my experience and understanding with you so that you too can know the beauty of this angel lesson.


That we can never truly “make” our feelings go away. We are human too.

And although in the spiritual path and propaganda there is such ideas to “let it go” or “transcend this or that”, we still get triggered into pain by things.

So what then? Are we doomed away from spirituality because we have a negative emotion?

Are we no longer spiritual if we get pissed off? Or use the words “pissed off”?

​       I don’t think so. I think that’s real. Real for the human experience we call life. Thoughts?​

Being alive on this planet can be so painful. Why should we “let go of it?’

Why not dance with it, so that we can grow from it and then the lessons and suffering will to fall away naturally? ​


I​f you and I dance with the fear … you and I can win … fly … grow​.

And if you can learn to stay present in your pain, with your pain, then and only then can you transcend it.

But only through being with your feelings first, not put pushing them down, pretending to be happy, or pretending that it doesn’t matter, or that you and your feelings don’t matter.

They do matter. You do matter. You matter.

      I say, dance with your pain; dance with your anxiety; dance with what triggers you.

How else would you be tested? But through the experience, you grow.

The experience of dancing through it. Not over it, not above it. Just through it do you grow.

And that is all I have to say on that for now.


Love and light,

Julie Robinson

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