What Our Clients Are Saying

Julie is amazing! She works with you alongside the Angels to help find your own healing and light. She helps uncover strength and wisdom you never thought you had or simply forgot you held.

I would recommend Julie to anyone and everyone.

Andrea B Client of Angel Counseling

Working with Julie has been a really helpful experience for me during a big transitional period in my life. Julie is a wise and insightful counselor with the ability to support a person through raw and painful experiences, but she is also quick to share laughter when the time is right too. Julie is a great teacher in self-care and being honest with yourself. Working with her has been a great opportunity for me to practice these much-needed skills, as well as uncover limiting beliefs and ideas from childhood with her support.


Monique M. Client of Angel Counseling

Julie is encouraging, supportive, professional, nonjudgmental and truly believes in the people that she meets. Her passion and commitment to the work that she does are instantly realized the moment that you meet her.
I was shocked and thrilled to discover how easy it is to connect to your Angels and how transformative and uplifting the experience is! Within a few sessions, I had gone deeper and achieved more insight into my problems than in all of my previous counseling attempts combined. I am eternally grateful to her, for her compassionate insight, guidance, and support.

Kelty C. Client of Angel Basics workshop, Angel Readings and Angel Counseling

I have been a client of Julie’s for many years, and most recently, one of her students.  Her Angel Counseling sessions have been very powerful & life-changing for me.  With her compassionate manner, she has taught me how to heal my past emotional hurts and to own who I am.

Cathy J. Client of Angel Counseling, Angel readings, Angel Basics Workshop series, Mediumship Classes

Two words: Inspired and Astonished! Sessions with Julie have empowered me to explore my life experiences and to fully align with the emotional aspects of my life.  Julie has a deep spiritual connection and has blended spirituality with a practical side of healing.  Julie has articulated messages that have opened my eyes and heart to heal experiences in my life. Our sessions have been a wonderful journey!


Jolene G. Client of Angel Counseling, Angel Reading

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