Sometimes people who have undergone trauma or are aligned with fear based conditioning feel a background of anxiety behind all they do. Their anxiety comes from fear of reliving negative events that have happened to them in the past and sort of an “anticipation” of that same suffering will happen again by trying to guard themselves with future projections. I say reliving negative events because, in actuality, that’s exactly what they will attract when their “magnet” is set to the energy of fear on a spiritual level. How energy attracts energy is an important principle that is required to be understood and practiced in order for you to live your best life. In order to explain how they fit together, allow me to share with you my client’s experience about the process of “like attracts like”.

            My client Caleb has been conditioned by his mom to fear that detracts from who he was born to be. Because his mother always looked at the negative qualities in him, he was trained to be disconnected from love and thus lost his own sense of positivity and safety associated with his true self. In some other ways, he has a consciousness of doomsday; he basically focuses on the cynical aspects of life and his biases viewpoints paint the worst possible case scenarios. This pessimistic attitude causes him to be anxious and depressed and struggles in his personal relationships and other areas of his life.

       Caleb, therefore, has become very restricted in the arena of attraction; his negative disposition and energy and attitude attracts things and people that are damaging to himself which he clutches onto because they feel familiar. He feels that he can’t attract a “healthy” girlfriend, and he becomes tense, stress and doesn’t sleep, continuously looking for a way to feel good, participating in other negative behaviors including staying at a job he doesn’t love in order to keep going.

       This is the state of negativity from which Caleb is attracting most people and scenarios and trying to create a better life, but unfortunately from his level of consciousness it doesn’t work at all….either he sets up too many blocks with his personality that he doesn’t attract the right people or right behavior from people, or he does succeed in attracting the right people only to find they don’t stick around because of his lack of happiness.

      It is at the point where he realizes his dilemma that we began a spiritual counseling relationship. We discuss that there was clearly an impact from his mother’s abuse of him that traumatized him more than he’s aware, and we begin to search for it.

       We may go through many different strategies and processes on our search, but eventually are gradually restoring him to his true self. That is, we come back into the place where he feels things emotionally, the place where he can actually clear away the pain. Through this experience, he can be restored to his authentic power, and the negativity in him will naturally subside.

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