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Intuitives and Psychics in Calgary


Heal your body. Heal your spirit. Change your feelings!

Reiki is a healing art, including history, hand positions, and a magical exploration between your spirit and the divine angelic realm that heals your illnesses, injuries, health, mind-set and releives stress by balancing your chakras.

As a Reiki practitioner, Julie has been certified at a level 2 USUI reiki and attuned by the Archangels at a Shamballa Mulitidimensional Healing Reiki.

This is not based on any religion, and does involve angelic symbols and energies which are non-denominational.

Sessions can be done Downtown Calgary, at your home comfortable in your own surroundings if you are unable to travel to Julie or by Skype or over the phone.

1 Hour Reiki/Energy Healing Sessions $100

Please schedule your session with Julie BEFORE making your payment.