Past Life Reading


What is a Past life Reading?

Past life readings allow psychic Julie Robinson to review your incarnations and provide information about who you were, who from this life followed you, and explain illness/purpose and relationship issues. Lifetimes emphasized in the session are relevant to your current life and help make sense of your present time experiences and beliefs. Past lives are used as opportunities to heal, transform and help you get clearer about your current life path. This session stimulates growth and has a positive impact on you now.

Sometimes you can be dealing with problems that have no answer. Anxiety, fears, and phobias. Just as the negative gets carried with us into this incarnation, so does the positive. Our talents, intelligence and experience. Answers to why you are the way you are in relationships. An explanation of your life purpose. Even a health issue. Not only are you the way you are because of genetics but because of who you were in your past lives.


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