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Mon 9 am – 5 pm M.S.T.

Tue 9 am -5 pm M.S.T.

Wed 9 am- 5 pm M.S.T.

Thur 9 am – 6 pm M.S.T.

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♥ Text Julie a psychic question!

One text message readings with Julie are quick, easy, and inexpensive, and you can do it anywhere from your mobile five days a week. It’s ideal for getting quick responses to questions about specific or urgent topics.  No need to book a time slot for a telephone reading or wait for email readings to arrive.

What sort of questions can I ask?

You can ask pretty much anything you’d like to receive Julie’s insights on that can be answered in 1 or 2 texts. Keep in mind each text costs CAD 20 or CAD 25 per text outside of Canada.

Examples of Questions might include:

  • Should I leave my boyfriend/ husband/partner?
  • How will I know if I can trust my work colleague?
  • Should I move house to get a better job?
  • My friend wants to borrow money.  Should I lend it?
  • Should I wear something sexy on a first date tonight?
  • Does this girl across the dance floor fancy me?
  • What do the angels say about this career move?

How to Text Julie a Psychic Question

  1. Think about the situation or question you need an answer to and compose a question.
  2. Text Julie by sending her your full name and email address to send your invoice to 1-403-612-3635
  3. Focus and concentrate as you send it.
  4. Wait a few minutes while Julie tunes in to you and replies.
  5. While you are waiting, why not save the number on your phone for next time?

Text Julie by sending her your full name and email address to send your invoice to 1-403-612-3635

Text readings cost CAD 20.00 per text plus the usual message charge. Maximum 2 replies = $40.00 CAD.  Most answers do require two replies.  There may be from time to time free promotional messages sent to your phone and newsletter opt-in. To opt-out, just text stop to 403- 612-3635.  You must be 18 or over to use this service.  Service provided by Julie Robinson.  Our customer service number is 403-474-3378.  We will aim to take your call, but we will respond to your recorded message within 24 hours if we are busy.

Julie answers texts- this is not an automated service!  Just as you would expect to wait a short time in a restaurant while your food is freshly prepared, please allow a few minutes for the reply while Julie tunes into your question and replies specifically for YOU!

*, if Julie is in a booked reading, she will not answer immediately but will try to answer within the hour.


Mon 11 am – 6 pm M.S.T.

Tue 11 am -6 pm M.S.T.

Wed 11 am- 6 pm M.S.T.

Thur 11 am – 6 pm M.S.T.

Friday 11 am – 3 pm M.S.T.


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