Attending a group readings means more personalized validation of the angel’s presence in your life and healing messages delivered directly from your deceased loved ones.

Book your group psychic reading for a

Group of 3 people $300 Total

Group Reading for 5 and more $75/per person

This can be a fun and rewarding experience for a group of friends or family or even co-workers to gather and experience amazing messages from the angels! The energy of the group is often more magnetized and allows for a stronger connection.

Group readings can be held in the comfort of your own home or at a public venue of your choice.

14 reviews for Group Readings

  1. Donna Babott

    We hosted an angel party and it was an exceptional evening with many family and friends in attendance. The mood had a lot of nervous tension to start with people new to angel readings and not knowing what to expect. Julie introduced herself and within minutes the group was feeling more at ease. It’s through Julie’s humour that’s she’s able to get people to relax and trust her. Julie proceeded to provide each individual with highly accurate and relevant angel readings and messages. It was a truly transformational and positive experience for everyone involved.

  2. Michael

    I just have to say thank you so much. You have helped me heal so much from the loss of my mother. You have expressed so much knowledge and information for me that it’s helped me heal. I am truly blessed that you have the gift to speak with angels. Love ya

  3. Ramesh Verma

    Julie is not only a great person with full of positive energy but she is the most talented medium, I ever met. When I met her all I had were chills in my body. After the reading I was so relaxed moving ahead in life. She was bang on, for all the questions I had. I would like to highly recommend her for her medium and psychic services. I am very grateful to her for the help I got from her to live life to fullest.

  4. Gloria Thompson

    Julie is very intuitive and instantly connects with my angels! I feel the love emanating from from her and she is humorous and a joy to be around! When my angels have something to say and I’m not listening, it is like they guide me to Julie for a reading! ?lol She has helped me release and heal many of my stumbling blocks which have helped me grow into who I am! I know I was meant to meet Julie and if you were guided to read this , I believe you were also! Have a wonderful day! Namaste! ?

  5. Kimberly

    I have been following Julie on Blogtalk radio for two years and each reading has been spot on. The very first reading sold me because she stated that I had daddy issues and I just needed to address them in a letter and speak the hurt aloud and cry. I knew she had a connection with the Angels ? because she knew nothing about my childhood but my Angels did. She is an amazing accurate and compassionate intuitive. I would highly recommend her services❤️❤️

  6. LD

    I’ve been following Julie on blogtalk for a while, and she’s amazingly accurate with her Angel readings. I’ve also taken her Angel Basics class, which was really helpful in teaching me how to connect with my Angels. She is the real deal, and I highly recommend Julie as an Angel practitioner!

  7. Colleen Underwood

    Julie is candid, quick, insightful, gifted and extremely funny. She’s the real deal. She makes everyone feel comfortable in a group setting, but then also gives each person her undivided attention when its their turn to hear from their guides. I would recommend her if you are looking for reassurance that you are on the right path or a new direction to explore. Go see Julie!

  8. Darren Mathews

    I have attended a few evenings with Julie and have thoroughly enjoyed them! The positive energy combined with Julie’s Angel intuitiveness made these nights informative, helpful and unforgettable! I have carried forward what she told me on these nights to bring happiness and understanding to my life and I am so appreciative of how she has helped me! I highly recommend to everyone to attend one of her group nights and more as it will definitely leave you feeling fantastic!
    I am also taking some Angel classes from Julie and they have been great! I am looking forward to taking more and continuing my journey along the Angel path.

  9. Matthew Dunne

    I’ve known Julie for roughly 13 years. First off, she is one of the most unique and kind people you could wish to meet.
    She started doing readings for me in Vancouver and that has carried on for years especially when I moved back to Calgary. She has such a deep connection into another world. It’s amazing and her reading are not only extremely helpful and insightful but they are also shockingly accurate down to fine details. I have referred and recommended her to many people all of whom were equally impressed and grateful.
    Thank you Julie for all our years and for all your help.

  10. Gunjan Verma

    The first couple times I got my angel readings from Julie there were a few things she told me about myself which I didn’t agree on. As time passed and I got more in touch with myself I surprisingly realized everything she has told me was true, I was just so out of touch with myself I didn’t even know certain things about myself. When this happened to me for a couple readings I decided not to deny messages right off the bat just because I didn’t resonate at the moment but to take that message and really sit with it for a few days or longer and see. Julie and the angels have really helped me to get to know who I really am and what issues I struggle with as I push them so deep inside of me, my conscious mind forgets them. A few years ago I used to believe I only have a couple emotional wounds that’s all…boy has that changed LOL. And if I don’t even know what issues I have, how will I heal them? That was my main issue lol. Which Julie’s angel readings have helped fix! Thanks, soo much! <3 😀

  11. Sarah Thomson

    I have been blessed to have known Julie for about 10 years now. She has helped me immensely with many of my life issues and the loss of my mother. She is always spot on with her guidance (even if sometime it is hard to hear when she is stating the obvious). I am so grateful to have her in my life to guide and assist me as I navigate life. Her connection to the angels runs deep and I highly highly recommend her as a consult to any life issue any of you are struggling with as she is the one to help you through it, guide you and put your mind at ease.

  12. Phil Scheiris

    Julie was very to the point and very inspiring. Her wisdom and guidance has helped push my life into a new direction and given me vital insights into not only who I am but who I’m trying to become. Thank you Julie!

  13. Stephen Hobbs

    Appreciate life and business insights gleaned from all sources. And for angel insights, I ask Julie. She facilitates the messages into our conversation, and when necessary she gets answers to my questions for clarification and/or to move forward with a line of insight. Julie – with the angels – have gotten me out a few pickles – wiping brow! TU.

  14. Shannon

    The Angels validated what I was feeling through Julie and I was offered insights as to how to handle issues I need to deal with. Julie was candid but compassionate and everything she told me was spot on. I highly recommend her to anyone who has life questions and I know I will keep going back.

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