Chakras At Work, The Sound of the Chakras

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What You’ll Learn In this Course

Here’s what you’ll learn

This is your chance to receive a PowerPoint teaching style, complete with humor, singing bowls, and fun examples in a fun zoom classroom setting. Julie Robinson is excited to offer this brand new chakra healing course for working on miracle manifestation. 

This groundbreaking seven-week course program will teach you all about working with the chakras to balance them to attract miracles in your living areas . . . as well as clearing yourself so that you can better hear your angels so you can be led down the best path for your life!  



You’ll benefit from Marsha Read’s twenty-five-plus years of experience teaching, with Julie, about sound healing, chakras and healing people from all walks of 

life . . . to reconnect to your soulful essence and get back into alignment with your authentic self.

You’ll learn how to clear energy blocks and use affirmations to tune your chakras to their original setting with the help of the angels.

And establish new beliefs and intentions to tune the magnetic quality of your chakras to attract blessings in your life!


2 reviews for Chakras At Work, The Sound of the Chakras

  1. Maja Petrovic

    “Attending “The Chakras at Work and Sound of the Chakras workshop with Julie and Marsha was not only educational, insightful and healing but it was so much fun and relaxing that I wish I could do it over and over.
    Learning from them and learning about myself expanded my understanding of all things Divine.
    Thinking of You Julie and Marsha puts smile on my face.”

    Missing You all lovely ladies

  2. Jody Lane

    The Chakra class was so valuable to me as an empath. I cleared my chakra’s and my aura from all debre. I felt lighter and clearer after the class! Julie and Marsha are very helpful and knowledgeable in these areas. They really are the best!!❤️❤️


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