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In life sometimes we can get used to letting other people get their way until we have nothing left.  And when we do try to express what’s wrong or what we need, other people can get mad, give us guilt trips, or worse threaten to leave. This frightens us into pushing down our true feelings and then we continue to suffer in silence.

But that’s not what having boundaries is all about.  And that’s certainly not what having healthy relationships is all about. Healthy relationships include boundaries as tools we use to let other people know who we are and how we feel.  They simply help people know what energy we are giving permission to get close to us so that we can live a peaceful life.

This supportive coaching on boundaries with Julie Robinson-renowned angel intuitive and spiritual teacher- is for anyone who wants to lean into having more healthy relationships with boundaries.  In six straightforward sessions, Julie takes a deeper look at multiple scenarios where boundaries are used to open you up to your own power (and skills!) as well as working with the angels to shield your energy from toxic energy and from individuals.

With discussions about everything from how to know how you really feel about people, to how to interact with boundaries peacefully, Julie gets you ready to access your emotional vocabulary in laymen’s terms. But the coaching doesn’t stop there-it’s not just about having healthy boundaries with your friends and family. Julie also dedicates an entire session on advanced angel protection. By the time you finish, you’ll be ready to handle any interaction from a healthy and safe place. Please join me on a journey towards living your best life.

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Boundaries 101 Coaching


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