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Julie has over twelve years of counselling experience.

Short and long-term counselling with a warm, confidential and empowering atmosphere. Julie has begun taking her B.A. in Psychology, studied in emotional coaching, cognitive behavioural therapy and is a fourth-generation empathic psychic medium and angel intuitive. She works with the angels to bring you clarity, peace and more. The angels work with Julie during the session to bring you the best type of service for your healing needs.

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9 reviews for Angel Counseling

  1. Donna Babbot

    Julie has provided me with Angel Counselling over the past year and half it’s been truly a blessing to have found her. Julie has been incredibly compassionate, gentle and yet skilfully proficient at helping me focus on what’s really important to me, what stands in my way, and what are my next steps to take control of my fears and anxiety. Julie has given me great life long tools to use, for example; morning journaling, meditate, and asking the angels for help in protecting me. Julie has a great sense of humour she is so loveable which really helps when your getting to your mother issues, lol. Julie really really helped me become calm, confident, see the bigger picture, but most of all to have faith and believe in myself through trusting in the angels.

  2. Cathy Johnson

    I have been a client of Julie’s for many years, and most recently, one of her students.  Her Angel Counseling sessions have been very powerful & life-changing for me.  With her compassionate manner, she has taught me how to heal my past emotional hurts and to own who I am.  

  3. Monique M

    Angel Counseling

    Working with Julie has been a really helpful experience for me during a big transitional period in my life. Julie is a wise and insightful counselor with the ability to support a person through raw and painful experiences, but she is also quick to share laughter when the time is right too. Julie is a great teacher in self-care and being honest with yourself. Working with her has been a great opportunity for me to practice these much needed skills, as well as uncover limiting beliefs and ideas from childhood with her support. 

  4. Laura

    Julie has the amazing gift of being able to get to the root of the issue and help you to heal whatever your block is. She gives you loving nudges and messages from the Angels to help with your healing. Julie’s ability to hold the space for her clients to help them feel safe and loved is another gift that aids in the healing process. Julie is also very supportive and encouraging.

  5. Jo -Ann Hopkins

    I am so thankful for you Julie.  We met a few years ago – when I was visiting my son down the street.  He has now moved to Ontario.  I will never forget you, your spiritual energy, and although I forget your reading to me – I remember the encouragement of strength to be all that I was made to be – and go forward with that.  I am happy to see you continue in your practice over the years.:)  Thrills my heart.:)  Thank you for you.  Jo:)

  6. Samantha

    I truly believe the Angels brought Julie into my life when I needed her gifts the most. When I first met her I felt like I had known her forever. She is warm and welcoming, non judgmental, understanding and fun! I was easily able to open up to her without fear and in return she guided me through past traumas that I didn’t realize still effected me today. She gave me the tools I needed to grow into my true self. She showed me the presence of the Angels in my everyday life. Julie sees the light and beauty in others that they often forget they had. She is a beautiful soul and I am forever grateful for the counselling and guidance she provided me.

  7. Kelty C.

    Julie is encouraging, supportive, professional, nonjudgmental and truly believes in the people that she meets. Her passion and commitment to the work that she does are instantly realized the moment that you meet her. After having tried traditional forms of counseling, I took a leap of faith and contacted Julie about Angel counseling. I have been absolutely blown away! Within a few sessions, I had gone deeper and achieved more insight into my problems than in all of my previous counseling attempts combined. Julie immediately pinpointed the areas that I needed to resolve in order to move forward in my life. I am eternally grateful to her, for her compassionate insight, guidance, and support.

  8. Gary Woj

    I’ve received counselling from Julie for over a year. She has a great intuition and always reveals things I need to look at or look at in a different way. Then, of course, it’s up to me to make changes or course corrections or not. I’ve found the sessions valuable and highly recommend her. I suggest you book a few sessions and judge their value for yourself. – Gary

  9. Nanette

    Julie help me through issues I have had since I was a child. Her guidance was just what I needed to get back in the right path. She helped me to understand how angels are there for you when you need them.

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