Angel counselling/reading fusion


Enjoy an hour of an angel reading and counselling blend! In this unique package, you’ll receive the best of both worlds, messages from your angels, and counselling from them too!

An Angel Reading is like a psychic reading except the questions are directed to a person’s guardian angels and the archangels for the purpose of providing healing and/or guidance. This guidance can cover life purpose, career, health, love, romance, and children.

Julie has over twelve years of counselling experience. Enjoy short and long-term counselling with a warm, confidential and empowering atmosphere at discount prices. Julie has begun taking her B.A. in Psychology, studied in emotional coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy and is a fourth-generation psychic. She works with the angels to bring you clarity, peace and more. The angels work with Julie during the session to bring you the best type of service for your healing needs. You’ll receive:

30 min reading

30 min counseling

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