Angel Card Reading Basics level 1


Do you yearn to know how to read angel cards better without making mistakes? Is your intuition longing to give people healing messages from the angels?

Learning to read angel oracle cards better begins with understanding the meaning of the cards based on their placement in certain card spreads–they are your map.

Join Julie Robinson for an in-depth look into card reading and card spreads that will forever expand the way you do readings for yourself and others.

Take this first-level course and accept the invitation from your angels to better interpret their messages through card reading. During this course, you will be guided to the clarity, details, and confidence to read oracle cards accurately!

All the answers you  seek are within reach.

This Exclusive In-person and online Course offered by Julie Robinson is loaded with some amazing bonuses including:

* Lessons on how to perform a 3-card spread, 4 card spread and 7 card spreads.
* Guidelines and Practices for health readings, romance readings, and life purpose readings.
* Tips to enhance your own connection with the angels and deepen your psychic abilities.
* Support for how you can provide your querent with additional information.

Bring a friend so that you and your classmates have someone “neutral” to practice on!

REQUIRED: Divine Life Purpose Oracle Card Deck, Archangel Raphael Oracle Card Deck, and Romance Angels Oracle Card Deck

Prerequisite: Angel Basics Level 1

2-hour course- Taken in two levels of 1 hour each!

In Level 1 you will learn:

3 and 4 card spreads and Romance love spreads

In Level 2 you will learn:

The art of the 7 card spread, Life Purpose  Spread, and Health and Healing Spread.


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Level 1


Level 2


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