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An Angel reading is like a psychic reading, only the questions are directed to a person’s guardian angels, or the Archangels, for the purpose of providing guidance and/or healing around living areas such as career, health, love life, life purpose, children and more.

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5 reviews for 30 Minute Reading

  1. Michael L.

    I just have to say thank you so much. You have helped me heal so much from the loss of my mother. You have expressed so much knowledge and information for me that it’s helped me heal. I am truly blessed that you have the gift to speak with angels. Love ya

  2. Ramesh Verma

    Julie is not only a great person with full of positive energy but she is the most talented medium, I ever met. When I met her all I had were chills in my body. After the reading, I was so relaxed moving ahead in life. She was bang on, for all the questions I had. I would like to highly recommend her for her medium and psychic services. I am very grateful to her for the help I got from her to live life to fullest.

  3. Gloria T.

    Julie is very intuitive and instantly connects with my angels! I feel the love emanating from from her and she is humorous and a joy to be around! When my angels have something to say and I’m not listening, it is like they guide me to Julie for a reading! ?lol She has helped me release and heal many of my stumbling blocks which have helped me grow into who I am! I know I was meant to meet Julie and if you were guided to read this , I believe you were also! Have a wonderful day! Namaste!

  4. Kelty C.

    Julie is encouraging, supportive, professional, nonjudgmental and truly believes in the people that she meets. Her passion and commitment to the work that she does are instantly realized the moment that you meet her.

    I took Angles Basics 01 with Julie in June 2016. I had absolutely no experience or knowledge about Angels. I was shocked and thrilled to discover how easy it is to connect with your Angels and how transformative and uplifting the experience is! Julie taught me how to shield and ground myself, how to clear my energy and how to begin to use an Angel card spread to receive messages from my Angels.

    Julie thank you for helping me to open the door to higher guidance and for propelling me upon a path that I only thought was reserved for a chosen few!

    After having tried traditional forms of counseling, I took a leap of faith and contacted Julie about Angel counseling. I have been absolutely blown away! Within a few sessions, I had gone deeper and achieved more insight into my problems than in all of my previous counseling attempts combined. Julie immediately pinpointed the areas that I needed to resolve in order to move forward in my life. I am eternally grateful to her, for her compassionate insight, guidance, and support.

  5. L. Dunnette

    Wow, it is certainly hard to put into words how much Julie helped and supported me in one session. She really hits the nail on the head and her encouragement and non-judgemental attitude just put me more at ease. She makes you feel very secure in revealing some things about yourself that perhaps no one else has ever heard and helps you to divest all your negative feelings and start a healing path for yourself. I will definitely go and see her again – she was just a lovely person. So very happy I went.

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