15 Min Reading (Phone Or Zoom Only)

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An Angel reading is like a psychic reading, except the questions are directed to a person's guardian angels, or the Archangels for the purpose of providing guidance and/or healing around the living areas of health, love, romance, life purpose and more.

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5 reviews for 15 Min Reading (Phone Or Zoom Only)

  1. Kimberly

    I have been following Julie on Blogtalk radio for two years and each reading has been spot on. The very first reading sold me because she stated that I had daddy issues and I just needed to address them in a letter and speak the hurt aloud and cry. I knew she had a connection with the Angels ? because she knew nothing about my childhood but my Angels did. She is an amazingly accurate and compassionate intuitive. I would highly recommend her services

  2. Colleen

    Julie is candid, quick, insightful, gifted and extremely funny. She’s the real deal. She makes everyone feel comfortable in a group setting, but then also gives each person her undivided attention when its their turn to hear from their guides. I would recommend her if you are looking for reassurance that you are on the right path or a new direction to explore. Go see Julie!

  3. Matthew

    I’ve known Julie for roughly 13 years. First off, she is one of the most unique and kind people you could wish to meet.
    She started doing readings for me in Vancouver and that has carried on for years especially when I moved back to Calgary. She has such a deep connection into another world. It’s amazing and her reading are not only extremely helpful and insightful but they are also shockingly accurate down to fine details. I have referred and recommended her to many people all of whom were equally impressed and grateful.
    Thank you, Julie, for all our years and for all your help.

  4. Gary Woj

    I’ve had many “readings” from Julie over the years, as well as counselling. Her intuition is right on, and always detects something that I need to look at, or look at in a different way. She has a good sense of humour as well, and it’s always a good experience to have a session with her. I suggest you book a session and hear for yourself. – Gary

  5. Gazal V

    Julie is always spot on! What sets her apart from other intuitives is that you never leave feeling like you didn’t leave with something helpful. It’s a safe place for healing, she has personally helped me with realizing the reasons to my anxiety, life purpose and much more! I’m grateful to have found her and I highly recommend her services!

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