An Angel Reading is like a psychic reading, except the questions are directed to a person’s guardian angels and the archangels to provide healing and guidance. This guidance can cover life purpose, career, health, love, romance, and children.

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14 reviews for 1 Hour Angel Reading

  1. Sarah Thomson

    I have been blessed to have known Julie for about 10 years now. She has helped me immensely with many of my life issues and the loss of my mother. She is always spot on with her guidance (even if sometime it is hard to hear when she is stating the obvious). I am so grateful to have her in my life to guide and assist me as I navigate life. Her connection to the angels runs deep and I highly highly recommend her as a consult to any life issue any of you are struggling with as she is the one to help you through it, guide you and put your mind at ease.

  2. Matthew

    I’ve known Julie for roughly 13 years. First off, she is one of the most unique and kind people you could wish to meet.
    She started doing readings for me in Vancouver and that has carried on for years especially when I moved back to Calgary. She has such a deep connection into another world. It’s amazing and her reading are not only extremely helpful and insightful but they are also shockingly accurate down to fine details. I have referred and recommended her to many people all of whom were equally impressed and grateful. Thank you, Julie, for all our years and for all your help.

  3. Erika

    This was my first reading, and it was amazing! I gained lots of helpful insight around my career, family of origin, and life purpose. I would 100% recommend Julie as a result of my positive experience. Thank you Julie!

  4. Lora Dale

    I’ve been following Julie on blogtalk for a while, and she’s amazingly accurate with her Angel readings. I’ve also taken her Angel Basics class, which was really helpful in teaching me how to connect with my Angels. She is the real deal, and I highly recommend Julie as an Angel practitioner!

  5. Gloria T.

    Julie is very intuitive and instantly connects with my angels! I feel the love emanating from from her and she is humorous and a joy to be around! When my angels have something to say and I’m not listening, it is like they guide me to Julie for a reading!

  6. Ramesh Verma

    Julie is not only a great person with full of positive energy but she is the most talented medium, I ever met. When I met her all I had were chills in my body. After the reading, I was so relaxed moving ahead in life. She was bang on, for all the questions I had. I would like to highly recommend her for her medium and psychic services. I am very grateful to her for the help I got from her to live life to fullest.

  7. Kimberly

    I have been following Julie on Blogtalk radio for two years and each reading has been spot on. The very first reading sold me because she stated that I had daddy issues and I just needed to address them in a letter and speak the hurt aloud and cry. I knew she had a connection with the Angels because she knew nothing about my childhood but my Angels did. She is an amazingly accurate and compassionate intuitive. I would highly recommend her services.

  8. Veronica

    Julie is an awesome reader and her insight and intuition are dead on!! You will not be disappointed with her precise reading…She is pleasant to talk to and will make you feel right at home ..I would highly recommend her to anyone that chooses to have a reading with her

  9. Alysha Dosanjh

    Although I have previously been to mediums and have had other readings, this was my first experience with Julie and the concept of angel readings. Julie had insight into area’s of my life, psychologically and emotionally in which were incredibly accurate. This extended to my past (childhood) along with my the alignment of my purpose into future endeavours. She was able to share the information while also personalizing and emphasizing her own characteristics which made the session feel personal rather then formal. Although my reading was emotional, and heavy, I walked away feeling enlightened and empowered. One of the most memorable parts of the reading was how precise Julie was and how connected and in tune she is with the spiritual self. The ability to not only connect with the angels, but deliver these messages in an way that was honest and kind was enlightening. Julie truly has an unique ability, and is so genuine with her desire to heal. Thank you for the reading, the insight you brought brought awareness, but emotional healing in many ways.

  10. Kathie

    I met Julie just over a year ago when she came in to my work place. She made a comment about great energy around me, that’s where it started. She told me some things about my daughters future. She also said my mom was around me.
    Everything she told me about my daughters future has happened. I am so grateful she came in to my life.

  11. Gary

    Julie is guided by a good intuition. I have had many readings as well as some coaching/ therapy sessions with her. She always picks up on something relevant in my life to look at. Her guidance has helped me identify issues to look at, or deeper into. It’s always good to have a session for a tune-up or to get another take on what is happening. Shes got a good sense of humor as well. I recommend her. – Gary

  12. e

    I saw Julie for the second time today, a month or two after I saw her last. Another exceptionally helpful reading. She (and my angels) consistently help me get clear on my issues, and give me helpful direction around how to continue my healing. If you are feeling like seeing a psychic might be helpful for you, I highly recommend Julie!! She’s a loving and helpful soul.

  13. Maureen

    Julie is a beautiful and brilliant angelic lady. Her messages are direct and right to the heart of the matter. I trust her insight and the team of angels she works with implicitly. Blessed to have her in my life. ?

  14. Sarah Robinson

    Amazing. What a powerful reader.

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