Divine Life Purpose

Archangel Ariel, Archangel Michael, I call upon you now.

I would like you to lend me your courage and to 

purify my heart and mind of any and all fear

known or unknown,

in all directions of time.

Help me to trust and follow the guidance 

you give me to follow 

my Divine Mission in life.

Thank you for giving me clear signs that I am on the right path to my Life purpose. 

Help me to get out of my own way so that you can help me.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

These examples are part of helping you discover your unique Diving Life Purpose. Obviously, not all the natural talents and interests are included in the chart; however, in this example, you can see how to match up your talents in a potential sense. Going forward, you will see how to read the signs for your miracles

Here are possible Life purpose examples complete with interests and talents:

Example #1
Talents: good listener, empathetic, preaches Interests: talking people out of negative frames of mind Life purpose: counselor, spiritual advisor, psychologist, Minister, nun
Example #2
Talents: painting, doodling, sketching Interests: writing on the wall as a child, visual art
Life purpose: visual artist, graphic designer, architect
Example #3Talents: enjoys helping people to learn, to grow and to understandI
nterests: Children, English as a second language, teaching skills
Life purpose: teacher, public speaker, motivational speaker
Example #4Talents: singing, piano, guitar
Interests: playing in a band, music, Life purpose: singer/musician
Example #5
Talent: reading people’s minds, predicting the future, natural healing abilities
Interests: enjoys helping others, enjoys listening to other people and knows the answer
Life purpose: psychic reader, energy healer, spiritual teacher
Example #6
Talents: justice, human rights
Interests: fairness and equality
Life purpose: lawyer, judge, legal aid

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