In Julie Robinson's exciting and community based group workshop, you'll learn all about mediumship, including your role, safeguards, myths, house clearing, and how to connect with and receive messages from the other side, including how to see Spirit and recognise personal attributes. After taking this course, you'll take an in-person test and receive your frameable certificate. You'll also have the option of being listed as a medium on Julie's website to support you giving mediumship classes and mediumship readings.

Taught by Julie Robinson, medium and public speaker at the Body Soul Spirit Expo, 7th Chakra, Beloved Healing Arts, host of the Angel Heart Talk show, and 1 of 15 Top Psychics and Intuitives in Calgary 2016. Julie has been connecting with the other side since she was a little girl. A Spiritual teacher in advanced Angel protection, Julie believes that the more of us who learn how to work with the Angels, the safer time we'll have connecting to the other side.

Prerequisites: Angel Basics level 1 & level 2

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