Guardian Angels

Strength and love are angelic vibrations that are in alignment with who you really are. When you connect with the angelic realm, you heighten those heavenly energies in you.

But how many of you have or do consult with your angels on a regular basis where you have a personal relationship with them?

How many of you actually feel worthy of this connection?

I want you to know that you are worthy and together we’re going to gather and witness the Angels presence through some of the messages that I have to share today.

I’m Julie Robinson and I’m an Angel Intuitive, medium and teacher in the fields of self-development, spiritual and psychic growth. And I want to talk with you today about the angelic realm, which I’ve been working with all my life.

And in my experience, people seem concerned that they’re bothering the angels or taking them away from something more important, but their purpose is infinite service to us and guidance and that brings them joy and a greater vibration on earth through us.

So know your concerns are not too big. Your concerns are worthy. Know matter how big or how small it’s all based upon your intentions that the Angels could feel and receive.

The First thing you should know about guardian angels is that they love you unconditionally.

Don’t be surprised that you have your own guardian angel. She has been watching over you since the day of your birth.

The way by which she will show herself to you is based on your own creativity, which is limitless.

For example, your angel may be very bright and uplifting in the way she talks to you and a surprising sense of humor, or a flair for making you feel better.

Sometimes she won’t communicate with words at all.

She’ll use one of the 4 Angel mediums such as:

Sight refers to the movie’s in our mind’s eye such as the imagination that is a preview of upcoming events. So if you have a picture in your spiritual sight of your mother’s face, and then she calls you suddenly, please know that the angels were trying to give you a heads up.

Feel- refers to those impressions you receive on the inside – such as alarms going off on the inside, even when everything looks good on the inside. WHen you feel an unreset, that’s not just you being overly sensitive, that’s the angels trying to protect you.

Hear- refers to that clear guidance that you hear in  your inner ear. You don’t hear an audible voice. But if you pay attention to what you’re angles are telling you there, they can save you from heartache and pain.

Know- refers to that clean knowingness that you have without any evidence. Where you just know what it is that you should do, or you just know what a person’s true motives are… that you just know how to put that baby’s crib together without having read the instructions—you can’t prove it- you just know.

In addition to connecting with your guardian in these 4 mediums, you can incorporate the Archangels from time to time. Or you may work with a particular Archangel for years. You have more than one angel at the same time.

Your angel is there or you to call on anytime you would appreciate  love, support, clarity, comfort, energy, strength, information, knowledge, creativity, ideas and companionship just to name a few benefits.

Many people who have established relationships with their angels have experienced miracles everyday.

But other people have missed their opportunities to fulfill their destiny. And this is because statistics show us that 80% of people are not listening to their angels guidance.

Many people live with a – I don’t want to disturb the Angels – mentality when it comes to the winged ones helping them. They think the angels help is based on their business with helping humanity.

However the angels are not limited by space or time.

The winged ones can be in several places at once, they can help you and someone else simultaneously. You are never bothering the angels or taking them away from “something more important”.

Let the messages from the angels heal you. When you work as a team with the winged saint’s, you’re life will be more blessed and secure, and you’ll attract everyday angel miracles into your life!


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  2. Hello there! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this post to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

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