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Angel Basics level 2: Clairs and Auras Group Workshop

December 17, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The workshop everyone’s been asking for! Angel Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher Julie Robinson will guide you through the eight clairs and teach you to read the colors streaming off a person’s aura to interpret upcoming events, health factors, and more!
Have you noticed the colors in someone’s aura?
Are you looking for ways to strengthen your psychic abilities?
Do you want to experience a deeper clearing in your auric field?
Have you always wanted to meet your guardian angels?
Discover who they are?
If you answered yes to any of these questions…
This workshop is the opportunity you’ve been searching for.
Angel Basics level 2:
Clairs and Auras 4-part online course.
There are about seven psychic abilities you might have from gut instincts to see the future. Each of them is important to understand what gifts you really have.
Our gifts are given to us by the creator to support our Divine purpose in life.
And there are many other reasons for these unique abilities. Each Clair brings with it their own set of information. Each Clair has its own way of delivering heaven’s messages.
Are extensions of the light, love and intelligence within you.
The colors streaming off of the body change based on your thinking habits around money, spirituality, relationships, and so on. In other words, the things you concentrate on the most will affect your energy centers.
Meeting Guardian Angels
In this class, you will be transported to meeting your guardian angel through a wonderful guided meditation.
Auras have always been one of the easiest ways to read a person
from the colors streaming off the body. In this certification class, Julie will teach you a four-hour intensive, dedicated to teaching you how to read auras, how to cleanse your aura and how to recognize and develop your 8 clairs and how to work with the Violet Flame for healing.
This workshop will take your reading abilities to the next level so that you can provide detailed readings for yourself, your loved ones!
The Workshop Topics include: Interpret aura true color meaning, such as:
Which auras colors are indicative of a recent or upcoming move, how to spot a Reiki healer, if a person has a spiritual nature if a person is being truthful with you, etc.
You will also meet your guardian angels!
Prerequisites: Angel Basics level 1
Qualifies you for Angel Basics Level 3: Angels for Intuitives

This course certification is required to become an Angel Heart Intuitive/Angel reader or Oracle
Angel Basics level 2: Clairs and Auras


Calgary, Alberta Canada


Julie Robinson