Practice Areas:

Divorces                                                        Romance                                          Missing Persons
Weight Loss                                                  Love Life                                           Contacting your Deceased Loved Ones
Sexual abuse                                                Health                                               Past Life Issues

Career transitions                                        Family                                               Life Purpose Alignment


Healing Touch Canada
Psychology Club, Mount Royal University (2008-2009)
7th Chakra Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Angel Readings as Volunteer Work:

Planet Organic Market
Calgary Renfrew Center
Shoppers Drug Mart



Julie has over 7 years of counseling experience.  

​Short and long term counseling with a warm, confidential and empowering atmosphere.  Julie has begun taking her B.A. in Psychology, emotional coaching and is a fourth generation psychic. 

Angel Counseling sessions are $120 for 50 minutes. Longer sessions are available up to 75 minutes @ $145. *Special discounts apply for student's of Julie's Angel basics workshop series.

Julie's Philosophy

​"Everyone has the capacity to heal by admitting the truth to him or herself. I am the space holder for clients to reflect upon their own philosophy and draw upon their own inherent wisdom, strength and courage within."

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