The Art of the 11 Card Spread Workshop



Learn all about the 11 card spread and how to give a reading in Julie’s in person and online course, and receive your certificate as an Angel Heart Practitioner.


Angels For Healers

Discover the highest order of the angelic realm for healing! During this two day workshop, you will strengthen your abilities to communicate, understand and work with 8 of the archangels who specifically work closely with healers and humanity.

Mediumship 101

In Julie Robinson’s exciting and community based group workshop, you’ll learn all about mediumship, including your role, safeguards, how to navigate session, how to stay present, and how to connect with and receive messages from the other side, including how to see Spirit and recognise signs and symbols.

Angelic Interventions

Angelic Interventions are channeled messages dedicating to healing through Angel readings and communications that are designed to initiate realizations, forgiveness, peace, clarity and more. The aim of Julie Robinson and the angel’s Angelic Interventions are to aid people in crisis such as depression, severed life purpose alignment, health issues, relationship challenges, family struggles, etc, and to shift their consciousness, to recover and to acknowledge the Angels presence in their so that they feel more validated and elevated.


Angel Basics level 3


Auras have always been one of the easiest way to read a person
from the colors streaming off the body.  In this certification class, Julie will teach you a four hour intensive, one hour of which, is dedicated to teaching you how to read auras. 

Angel Basics level 2

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a career as a professional medium, healer or an angel reader while working with angels and spiritual healing, than you’ll love Julie Robinson’s Angel Basics 02 Certification course!

Angel Basics level 1

Learn all about the angelic realm including their involvement in your life, how to distinguish their guidance and how to provide an angel reading for yourself and others.

Cathy J.

I have been a client of Julie’s for many years, and most recently, one of her students.  Her Angel Counseling […]