Mediumship 102

Prerequisite Mediumship 101. After taking Mediumship 101, in this class you’ll learn: How to decode symbols Shielding and clearing Scanning […]

Long Email Reading

A long email reading is a great way to receive healing messages for your living areas. Julie will channel messages from the angels regarding your health, love life, career, and whatever else wants to come through. Or, you can email her with your specific questions, and she’ll come through with an email of answers and angel guidance. Other options include mediumship readings where you’d receive messages from a loved one in heaven. This long email reading service can guide without questions. However, if you do require further guidance, each question is $20. Otherwise, you can select 5 questions in addition to your channelled message. For shorter readings with just 5 questions or less, please select the short email reading option.

Email Julie at

Past Life Reading

What is a Past life Reading?

Past life readings allow psychic Julie Robinson to review your incarnations and provide information about who you were, who from this life followed you, and explain illness/purpose and relationship issues. Lifetimes emphasized in the session are relevant to your current life and help make sense of your present time experiences and beliefs. Past lives are used as opportunities to heal, transform and help you get clearer about your current life path. This session stimulates growth and has a positive impact on you now.

Julie Spiritual Healer Training

This one-on-one training is not just to help you work on developing your clairs as an intuitive or spiritual teacher, […]

Angel Reading Fusion with Angel Healing

For those of you who are in need of healing as well as insights, Angel Reading fusions are for you! These two-in-one sessions will provide you with tons of guidance and insights from your angel team along with clearing, cord-cutting, and healing energy from your angels. Contact Julie today to book your session.

If you prefer in-person sessions, availability for November is filling up fast as sessions are only available 11 am-3 pm Monday through Thursday sue to COVID restrictions. So book your session now to reserve your spot!

The Four Angel Secrets to Manifesting Miracles

This book will help you learn four secrets to manifesting miracles and Angel’s astonishing capabilities for your life. Fourth-generation Empathic Psychic Medium and Angel Intuitive Julie Robinson will guide you through four spiritual principles that will change the way you look at your life areas: Just Follow Guided Action, Sending Out An Invitation for Miracles, Don’t Let Resentment Way you Down, and receiving your Miracles in Divine Order. Knowing these Angel Secrets for manifesting miracles will increase your joy, attract favour, elevate your energy, and lead you down the best path for your life, and, most important, help you see the fullness of your destiny. Four Angel Secrets To Manifesting Miracles is a layout for good living in today’s climate – guidelines based on Angel’s support in your life, not your ego’s ideas. Using scriptural quotes, and stories from her clients and students, it challenges the unconventional definitions of psychic guidance, angels, healing, and the attraction of abundance. In her practice as an Angel Intuitive, Julie Robinson offers practical knowledge on the intrinsic nature of what manifesting miracles is all about. This is a book of faith and clarity that you will carry with you as a reference, and it will be an inspiration captured by the masses.

Everyday Angel Miracles Vol1 Spiritual Principles

For most of us, even those with open minds, chakras are just unfamiliar energy centers. We may even think of our chakras during yoga or meditation, bemused by the idea of them, but take them seriously, use them to manifest greater, and see them as power is far off thinking. The author, a fourth-generation empathic psychic medium and angel intuitive, is telling us that they are not only useful but miracle magnets waiting for us to activate them to draw in the blessings that belong to us. The author knows this from having helped thousands connect to their chakras and receive their benefits over the past 11 years in her practice. In Everyday Angel Miracles, Part 1: The Spiritual Principles, the author presents spiritual principles to align the reader with their chakras to receive their gifts of manifestation and healing from trauma and specific living areas, to learn one’s own hidden power and abundance.

First, we have to know that we are safe and develop that foundation at the root chakra where we are not only connected to the source of abundance but that we are our own sense of safety and security; next, we need to develop our relationships realizing everything we create is connected to the whole at the sacral and solar plexus chakras and align with our true power rooted with boundaries and strong intentions based in a love cause at the heart, communicate from love while seeing the truth, forgiving things for not being what we want them to be, but most of all is our authentic God-self. And Finally, to tie it all together, she tells us to align with acts of pleasant service to humanity like Christ for miraculous benefit.