Articulating your Authentic God Soul Coaching

Let me ask you these vital questions:

Who do I need to forgive?
How can I be more loving?
How can I care for others more?
Am I sincere?
What can I do to be more honest?
Where can I be more generous?
When am I kind?
Am I pure?

I want to encourage you to move past your prior conditioning and breakthrough to your authentic God soul

Metaclair Awareness Coaching

When you learn to move past your anger or blame, I believe you’ll discover that what was meant to hurt you, God can turn to your advantage with your Divine connection.
Forgiveness is necessary!
Re-connection to the Divine is going to help you!
Your ability to interpret your guidance will help you!

I want to help you walk into the connection to the Divine filled with Forgiveness, guidance interpretation and reconnection to the angels.

X-ray Clairvoyance Coaching

~Are you afraid of the images you’ve seen?
~Do you have blocks to your third eye?
~Do you feel guilty over your Clairvoyance?
If you said “yes” to any of those questions, I want to encourage you to have a new attitude. The images you’ve seen are a reminder you have to stay in the arms of the angels. When you work with the angels not only are your visions protected, but you are protected.

Conduct and Speech Coaching

If you’re going to manifest miracles, you have to have the right conduct and speech. Instead of being discouraged over where you’ve messed up, sitting around in self-pity because it wasn’t fair, develop a new way of being.
How do you speak? Do you come from a place of integrity? You have the ability to come from love in your speech.

Staying “In” Spirit Coaching

We don’t have to be pulled away by alluring incentives. More importantly, you can receive coaching around how to stay connected to your Spirit and be gentle and victorious!

Romance Coaching

Learn how to align with the romantic consciousness within you! Ignite your romance vibes with 4th gen. psychic Julie Robinson so that you can start to attract more romance into your life, right now.

Love coaching

Learn how to come from a place of loving-kindness in all that you do!

Relationships/Get in the flow Coaching

Learn how to not only go with the flow but insert your intention into the flow and get your needs met! Receive relationship coaching with Julie Robinson. And learn how to nurture your inner child with the Archangel Gabriel.

Life Purpose Coaching

I pray that you will embody The Spiritual Principles for Miraculous Manifestations for Everyday Angel Miracles.
Life purpose coaching focuses on abundance, safety, security and other Root chakra issues.

e-book: Everyday Angel Miracles Vol 1. The Spiritual Principles

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For most of us, even those with open minds, chakras are just unfamiliar energy centers. We may even think of our chakras during yoga or meditation, bemused by the idea of them, but take them seriously, use them to manifest greater, and see them as power is far off thinking. The author, a fourth-generation empathic psychic medium and angel intuitive, is telling us that they are not only useful but miracle magnets waiting for us to activate them to draw in the blessings that belong to us. The author knows this from having helped thousands connect to their chakras and receive their benefits over the past 11 years in her practice. In Everyday Angel Miracles, Part 1: The Spiritual Principles, the author presents spiritual principles to align the reader with their chakras to receive their gifts of manifestation and healing from trauma and specific living areas, to learn one’s own hidden power and abundance.