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Intuitives and Psychics in Calgary

Angel Parties can be a fun time for you, friends, family members, and colleagues to receive the messages that you need from the angels.  Join Julie in a designated room for your own private angel reading. During your reading, you can expect to hear messages from your deceased loved ones, your guardian angels, and the archangels for the purpose of healing and or both guidance of your various areas of life. The life areas the angels speak to includes career, life purpose, health, healing, family, love, romance, children and more.

Angel Party pricing is as followed:


$125 for each individual reading @ 30 min.

Groups ( 2 or more people as it should be):

$350 for 2 people @ 90 minute 

$390 for 3 people @ 90 minutes

$420 for 4 people @ 90 minutes

Prices for 5 or more people please contact Julie.

Tipping is optional.

Angel Party Rules
Your home or venue must be smoke-free. (No third-hand smoke either)

Parties must be booked at least two weeks in advance with a $200 non-refundable deposit.

A quiet private room with two chairs, a table, and a candle must be provided for Julie to give readings for you and your guests.

Julie Robinson's Angel Parties

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