JULIE HELENA ROBINSON is an internationally renowned Angel Intuitive, aspiring author, inspirational speaker, radio host, energy healer and teacher in the fields of self-development, spiritual and psychic growth. Born in Montreal, Quebec and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Julie is completing her bachelor's degree in psychology from Mount Royal University. 

Julie is a fourth generation psychic angel intuitive who has completed her usui Reiki levels 1 &2, Healing Touch level 1, Shambala Reiki Master, mentored by ATP's and trained intuitives. 
Angels have always been with Julie. Her first experience occurred at age 8 when she began hearing and communicating with angels. Through her early college years, Julie received a message from a colleague prompting and encouraging her to write spiritually based self-help books. That became the steppingstone and awareness for Julie's later success with her writing skills, strengths, and many talents. By consciously maintaining a positive attitude so that, no matter what life challenges may come, she was able to see the lessons of the experience and continue to improve upon it. It was destined that Julie would pursue a career as an angel communicator.

Julie passionately believes that her life mission as an angel intuitive is not only to relay wisdom and insight from angels, spirit guides and loved ones on the other side, but just as importantly, to uplift and empower people to take charge of their journeys to discover balance, freedom, and happiness.  As a spiritual teacher, she has created online and in person workshops which are held in Calgary. These are a series of signature certification courses:  

Angel Practitioner Certification Course level 01 - teaches how to  develop your clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance.
Angel Practitioner Certification Course 02 - teaches those who desire to have a career as a professional medium, healer or an angel reader.
Angel Practitioner Certification Course 03 - This workshop will take your reading and healing abilities to the next level, you'll also learn color meaning of auras, the extended chakra system and how to work with the Violet Flame for healing. 

She is the host of two weekly radio shows via Blogtalkradio: The Julie Robinson Sunday Show during this popular show callers will receive live angel readings. She created this show focusing on self-development in all areas of life, for healing and achievement. She will read letters from her fan base from all over the world in her "Ask Julie" segment called, "Banana Letters". And Angel Heart Talk with Julie Robinson will help you better connect with your angels.

Julie's philosophy, "My purpose here on earth is to facilitate the evolution of human consciousness one angel reading at a time."

Julie's primary focus in life is to create a happy environment for her young daughter, whose also a medium, by guiding and teaching her to lead a happy and successful life as a lightworker. 

Practice Areas:

  • Divorces                                                        Romance                                          Missing Persons
  • Weight Loss                                                  Love Life                                           Contacting your Deceased Loved Ones
  • Sexual abuse                                                Health                                               Past Life Issues
  • Career transitions                                        Family                                               Life Purpose Alignment


  • Healing Touch Canada
  • Psychology Club, Mount Royal University (2008-2009)
  • 7th Chakra Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Angel Reading Volunteer Work:

  • Planet Organic Market
  • Calgary Renfrew Center
  • Shoppers Drug Mart


Who is Angel Intuitive Julie Robinson?