Angel Basics - 01

Get certified at Angel Basics level 1 with our in person two-hour workshop and 
learn all about the archangels, including their involvement in your life, how to distinguish their guidance, the 4 clairs, clearing with the angels, and how to protect yourself with the angels, including how to call upon the angels.

Discover a routine with journaling and mediation. You'll join a worldwide group of lightworkers 
who have learned how to heal themselves, and 
provide angel readings to themselves and others.

This exclusive course includes

  1. 19 profficiencies to an 11 card spread
  2. Demonstration of proper layout
  3. Demonstration on how to use the cards to tell your sitter a story.
  4. Demonstration on the ability to list the meaning and placement of each card
  5. Lessons on how to read into the pictures for messages

Angel Basics - 03 - Remote Viewing Course - Intuitives

Auras have always been one of the easiest way to read a person 
from the colors streaming off the body.  In this certification class, Julie will teach you a four hour intensive, one hour of which, is dedicated to teaching you how to read auras. 

Over the four hour class, you'll also learn color meaning of auras, the extended chakra system including how to heal another person's chakras remotely, and how to work with the Violet Flame for healing.  

This workshop will take your reading and healing abilities to the next level, so that you can receive detailed and specific information about yourself, your loved ones, and your clients or healing recipients, and as well be able to perform amazing remote healings

The Workshop Topics include: Interpret aura true color meaning, such as:

Which auras colors are indicative of a recent or upcoming move, how to spot a Reiki healer, if a person has a spiritual nature, if a person is being truthful with you, etc.  

Prerequisites: Angel Basics level 1- certificate

                         Angel Basics level 2 - certificate

This course certification is required to become an Angel Heart Intuitive

Angel Reading Basics 01

Angel Basics Workshop Series



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Could you use clear guidance on how to start your Angel Readings or how to close them? In this Angel Reading Basics class I show you how to open your reading, transition from difficult messages and how to refer to the angels to do accurate angel card readings. Learn how to do accurate and awesome angel readings in this one on one course with Julie today.

Prerequisite: Angel Basics level 1

The Art of the 11 Card Spread

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Intuitives and Psychics in Calgary

Angel Basics - 02​ - Healer/Medium Prep Course

If you've ever dreamed of having a career as a professional medium, healer or an angel reader while working with angels and spiritual healing, than you'll love Julie Robinson's Angel Basics 02 certification course!

Topics include:

* Advanced angel protection and clearing 

* The involvement of deceased loved ones in our lives

* Advanced healing techniques
* mediumship
* and much more

​For three-hour fun classes, we'll be learning more exciting ways to work with the angels for healing and professional careers. Certification in Angel basics level 2 is prerequisite for Mediumship basics level 1.